They say it hurts, probably because of its not made up, it is real after all.

Others hide it for the sake of “protection”, they say.

If not “carefully” hidden, reality strikes and in their eyes reality is really really bad.

Should one even be “careful” in hiding it..?

And what is “careful” when it comes to this..?

He says it sets you free, says that He is it.

He says He is the light and that He is life.

Those that are for Him know no condemnation, a guilty-free conscious is freely received.

And with that comes healing, peace of mind and rest.

Sometimes it requires confrontation, even ‘self-confrontation’.

Sometimes we are scared to sought it out, only because we think that the worst is going to creep out from it.

Sometimes one needs to ‘face’ it for the sake of moving-on forward.

It should be the basis of any relation, but is it..?


There is nothing better than it and there is nothing worse than it.


Written: March 30, 2013 at 11:07pm


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